Garlic Rosemary chicken sausage


The classic flavors of garlic and rosemary pair really well with lean meats such as chicken, and their strong aroma comes through nicely in this Italian inspired sausage. Enjoy as is on a charcuterie board or add to pasta, stews, or even mashed potatoes for a heartier meal.

Local pick up only.

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The fresh aromas of piney rosemary and crushed garlic put a Mediterranean spin on this lean alternative to traditionally heavier Italian sausage. Finely slice it and toss it with pasta, a good glug of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, and tomato sauce, or serve it as in on a charcuterie board with crackers and a some Asiago cheese. 1 lb new weight. Fully cooked.

Available only for local pick up.

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Weight 1 lbs

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