Hot Italian sausage


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A smoky take on the classic hot Italian, this sausage is perfect as is, in paninis, or atop a hearty plate of tagliatelle with tomato sauce.


While hot Italian sausages aren’t traditionally smoked, give this a try and you’ll understand why North Country Smokehouse couldn’t help themselves. The classic spicy and herbal flavors of hot Italian sausage, brought by Spanish paprika and fennel, pair up really nicely with the fruity aroma of Applewood smoke, making a spicy and smoky link that is delicious on its own, or paired with tomato sauce and tagliatelle.

1 lb net weight. Fully cooked.

Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, No Liquid Smoke, No Fillers, No Dyes, No MSG

Local pick-up only, not available for shipping. 

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Weight 1 lbs