Lemon balm, organic


A great aromatic herbs with a strong and lasting lemony flavor, lemon balm can be used to make herbal infusions, by itself or with other botanics, but also sprinkled on chicken and fish soups, or as part of a dry rub.

0.5 oz net weight.

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Lemon balm, also called Melissa officinalis, or balm mint, and an extremely aromatic herb that can be used to add an intense sweet lemon flavor and aroma to both herbal infusions and sweet and savory dishes alike. Use 1 tsp of dried lemon balm per each 8 oz of boiling water to make herbal tea: its great by itself or paired with chamomile or peppermint for personalized herbal infusions. The tanginess of lemon balm also pairs really well for delicate proteins such as fish and poultry: use it for poaching fish, sprinkle it on fish chowder or chicken soup, or use it as a part of a dry rub. You can also use lemon balm to infuse honey and cordials. Naturally vegan and gluten-free, USDA-certified organic. A product of Winter Street Farm, 344 Winter Street, Claremont NH.

0.5 oz new weight.

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USDA-certified organic


Grown in Claremont, NH

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