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Red clover, organic


Dried clover flowers make a light and delicate caffeine-free herbal infusion that is reminiscent of jasmine tea. The flowers can also be mixed with chamomile, rose hips, or other botanicals to create your personalized herbal infusion.

0.25 oz net weight.


Red clover, or trifolium pratense, is a flowering plant, native to Europe, currently cultivated all over the world, mostly as a cover crop, due to its capacity of increasing soil fertility. The dried flowers can be soaked in simmering hot water to make a delicate, light, and floral caffeine-free herbal infusion with a flavor reminiscent of jasmine tea. The flowers also have a number of uses in traditional medicine all over the world, and contain natural phytoestrogens, which are said to be beneficial for several conditions. The infusion is delicious when enjoyed on its own, but the flowers can also be mixed with chamomile and other plants to make your own personalized herbal tea. The red clover flowers come from Winter Street Farm in Claremont, NH, whose products are USDA-certified organic. Suitable for a vegan and gluten-free diet, 100% caffeine-free.

Add 1 to 3 tsp of red clover per 8 oz of simmering, not boiling, hot water for 10 – 15 minutes of infusion time.

0.25 oz net weight.


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Grown in Claremont, NH


USDA-certified organic

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