Sesame seeds, natural


Sesame seeds are used as a crunchy topping in many Asian dishes, as well as a fundamental ingredient in traditional Middle Eastern preparations such as tahini or halvah. Their mild and nutty flavor, as well as their many health benefits, have also made them really popular as a topping for bread, salads, and smoothies alike.

8 ounces net weight


Sesame seeds have a mild, nutty flavor, and the highest oil contents of any seed. They are most commonly found in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines, either used as a crunchy topping or pressed and made into a paste. They are the main ingredient of tahini, a sesame paste which is used to make hummus, and of halvah, a sweet, somewhat nougal-like dessert. Sesame seeds have also an high content of copper and manganese, are good sources of calcium, iron and zinc, and can help lower blood cholesterol, so they are the perfect addition to salads and smoothies alike. Also used as a bread topping. Naturally vegan and gluten free.

8 ounces net weight

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4 ounces, 8 ounces

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