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We are a spice and culinary shop specializing in fresh spices at great prices. From Aleppo Pepper to Za’atar, we carry a wide range of spices and blends, award winning coffee and tea, local products including honey and dip mixes, as well as barbecue sauces, hot sauces, and kitchen sundries.

If you like to cook, stop in and spend some time cruising the spice wall, checking out spices you’ve only heard about, or just stop in to drink in the aroma.

We are open Wednesday through Saturday from 9:30 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM. We are closed on Mondays.

Claremont Spice Shop Interior

We've brought in some interesting items to put out on the shelves this week:

Dukkah- A blend of ground roasted nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, seeds and spices used traditionally in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Chakalaka Spice- A traditional South African blend originating from in and around Johannesburg, It is used to make a tomato bean relish or a regional vegetable dish. Also good with pork.

Black Garlic Cloves- A staple in Korean cuisine, black garlic cloves have been fermented under high temperature to attain their dark color, molasses or tamarind like sweetness, and softer garlic note.

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DO you have sausage mix seasoning? Just did pigs and have lots of pork to grind for sausage.

ooh, I was just looking at a Dukkah recipe - a roast salmon with a Dukkah crust.

Black garlic!!!

Maria LaQuire black garlic

New on the shelf this week:

New Hampshire Coffee Roasting Co. Maple Syrup flavor coffee!

A request from one of our regular customers has turned into a new flavor offering from New Hampshire Roasters. If you like maple (and who doesn't) stop by and check it out.
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I’ll have to get some! I love maple coffee!!!!!

You don’t happen to carry white chocolate extract do you?

Sounds great. We will have to grab a bag Saturday.

Yum! I'm buying this! I loved the creme brulee flavor!! I just ran out


Lisa Carter😯☕️

We are SO overdue for a trip to your shop!

Monica Lizotte you should have this

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If you are bored with the same old- same old flavors in the middle of winter, here are a few new blends to brighten your day:

We have some new Mexican Mole sauce starters on the shelf this week:

Oaxacan Mole Negro is a rich, authentic blend of chiles, spices, almonds, and dark bittersweet chocolate. Simmer with chicken, duck or pork for a classic mole negro dish.Also good for enchiladas or empanadas in place of salsa.

Oaxacan Mole Amarillo is a spicy chile sauce starter that works well with fish, mussels, beef, pork or poultry for an authentic Mole Amarillo dish. Try it with scrambled eggs too.

Pipian Mole Verde is a bright mix of mild chiles, savory spices, plus pumpkin and hemp seeds. use as a finishing sauce for beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables or rice.

Manchamanteles Chili-Fruit Mole is a a hot / sweet mole that gets its heat from a blend of chiles and a sweet note of pineapple. Simmer with your favorite meat or vegetables, or as a base for soups.
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Can’t wait to try the Mole mixes! 💚

I've always wanted to make an authentic mole. But it takes a lot of ingredients and time. Awesome

Do you sell sofrito?

So very excited about this!! My ex-husband used to make Mole quite often for a black bean recipe. I loved it but I am not as adept to cooking as he was. Now I can!! I'll be sure to visit soon!!

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We will be closed Sunday, January 20th based on current weather reports. If the forecast changes we may adjust our schedule.If you are out and about Sunday check Facebook or our website, www.claremontspice.com for updates. Have a safe and happy Sunday! ... See MoreSee Less

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People ask us all of the time for recipes using our spices and blends. The problem is that I tend not to measure when I cook! Good meals don’t have to be complicated or expensive, they just have to taste good! We use our spice blends in a lot of our dishes to make an easy meal.
I’m going to post a few very simple recipes that even a novice cook can make that taste great,

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