Benjamin Nelson & Chiara Tosi-Nelson

About Us

Welcome to Claremont Spice & Dry Goods!
Find us at 12 Tremont St., Claremont, New Hampshire, USA.

Our shop, located just off of the square in the heart of historic downtown Claremont, is a feast for the senses. Come in, and imbibe the aroma of freshly packed spices & ground coffee. Browse the spice walls and think of how that spice would work in a new dish. Then be surprised by the price!


What We Are All About

We specialize in providing fresh spices and herbs at an affordable price.
We source gourmet quality spices, pack them in house, and provide smaller quantities of fresh spices for the home cook, as well as larger quantities for local food purveyors. We create unique spice blends and mixes both for retail and to order. We only buy enough to keep up with the seasonal demand, and any extras are donated to the Claremont Soup Kitchen, ensuring that our customers only receive the freshest spices.

Rather than buying a big jar and finding it in the cupboard 3 years later, when it has lost all of its aromatic qualities, come here and buy what you need. We package spices in as small as 1/4 oz packages and as big as 4 oz (bigger quantities available upon request, please contact the store to inquire about availability). You can stock up on the pantry essentials, or experiment with unusual spices and blends for new recipes.

Looking for that obscure spice? We probably have it. With over 200 kinds and grinds of spices, sea salts, and blends, we have the largest selection in the area. If you don’t find it let us know, and we’ll try to find it for you.

We also carry local & international hot sauces, vinegars, olive oils, and condiments, locally roasted coffees, North Country Smokehouse products, 100% local grass-fed beef, loose-leaf teas, Claremont-made fresh pesto, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, and more! Come and see us, we are always happy to talk food.