Earl Grey tea, organic


A quintessentially British tea that is a classic choice for tea-lovers everywhere. A blend of Indian black tea and bergamot oil, this tea makes for a strong cup with citrusy notes. Extremely enjoyable, this blend is also used as a flavoring in baking for cookies, especially shortbreads, and cakes.

Steep 1 level tsp of Earl Grey per each 8 oz of boiling water for up to 5 minutes.

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As quintessentially British as the Big Bang or double-decker buses, this tea is an Indian black tea which has been flavored with bergamot oil. Bergamot is a lesser-known fruit from the citrus family that grows in Southern Italy, which tastes like a cross between lemon, grapefruit and lime. Legend is that this tea was donated from a Chinese mandarin to Charles Grey, 2nd Earl of Grey, as a gift for saving his son’s life. The Earl liked it so much that started to import it to England, and from there it spread through the upper class circles and then, the world.  Strong, with citrusy notes, this tea is best had with little or no milk, and is a go-to choice for tea lovers. Earl Grey is also very popular as a spice to use in baking, especially for cookies and cakes, like shortbreads and sponge cakes. USDA-certified organic, naturally vegan and gluten-free, contains caffeine.

Ingredients: Indian black tea, bergamot oil

Steep 1 level tsp of Earl Grey per each 8 oz of boiling water for up to 5 minutes.

Available in 1 and 3 ounces.

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USDA-certified organic

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