Maya Nut powder, roasted, decaf (Nicaragua)


Maya nut or Ojoche is a naturally decaf coffee alternative with a rich and full-bodied taste and many health benefits. Its flavor and aroma are much more coffee-like and enjoyable than other better-known coffee alternatives, such as chicory.

Available in 1 and 6 ounces.

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Maya Nut (also called Ojoche or Jaguar Nut) is a traditional South American  superfood, naturally dense with nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also happens to have a very low glycemic index and is naturally gluten-free, therefore suitable for both diabetics and low-carb diets, and is also lactogenic, meaning that it helps boost milk production while breastfeeding. It can be consumed as is for its many health benefits, for example by adding it to smoothies or bakes goods, but it’s mostly used to brew a naturally decaf coffee alternative with a bold, rich, and full-bodied flavor with notes of mocha, far superior in taste to the more well-known chicory.

Steep 1 tablespoon of Maya nut in 10 oz of boiling water for 5 minutes, either in a French press or directly in your cup, then strain the grounds. For cold-brew, mix 5 tablespoons of Maya nut into 32 oz of cold water. Mix, let sit in the fridge for 24 hours, and strain. 

Available in 1 and 6 ounces.



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