Chili powder, light


A great chili powder to have in your pantry, lighter than most commercially available alternatives. It goes great whenever you wish for just the right amount of spicy, but a more airier flavor than regular chili powder. Other than in chili, try it on deviled eggs, potato salad, and as a dry rub for chicken.

Available in 1 or 3 ounces.


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This versatile, light chili powder will add just the right amount of spicy to all of your favorite dishes, especially if you prefer a less rich, lighter chili flavor. Great for all the traditional dishes such chili, enchiladas and tacos, but we also like it a lot for dry rubs, deviled eggs, potato salads and poultry dishes. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Ingredients: chili powder, Hungarian paprika, salt

Available in 1 or 3 ounces.

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1 ounce, 3 ounces

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