Coffee chili pepper rub


This blend combines the bold flavors of coffee and chile peppers in a convenient and unusual rub. Ancho and chipotle chiles, hot and smoked paprika, and freshly ground espresso beans are a marriage made in BBQ heaven. These strong flavors create the perfect rub for rich and fatty proteins, such as duck, salmon, and pork.

Available in 1 oz and 3 oz net weight.

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If you enjoy strong flavors and unusual combos, this rub is right up your alley. The bold flavor of espresso coffee and smoky, spicy chiles are paired with each other to create a very flavorful blend, which is a great complement for the rich, fatty flavors of grilled or roasted meats. Perfect as a rub for strongly flavored proteins, such as steaks, pork, lamb, duck, and salmon: just lightly moisten the meat with oil and coat with the rub. You can also add a tablespoon to brownies and chocolate cake for a unique twist. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Ingredients: salt (380 mg per tsp), ground ancho chiles, ground chipotle chiles, sugar, ground espresso beans,  Spanish paprika, smoked Hungarian paprika, mustard

Available in 1 oz and 3 oz net weight.

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Weight .07 lbs

1 oz, 3 oz

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