Garlic & pepper steak seasoning


The perfect seasoning for yourself or the BBQ master in your life, this combo of classic flavors is more than the sum of its parts. The sharpness of black and red pepper and the pungent flavor of garlic elevate each other for a simple, yet mouthwatering combo which is delicious on literally everything grilled or roasted: from steak to burgers to fish to tofu and potatoes.

Available in 1 and 3 ounces.

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Garlicky, peppery good! You really cannot go wrong with this people-pleasing blend, which is one of our best sellers year-round, but especially during BBQ season. This all-purpose blend is a must have to have in your pantry, to add a combo of classic yet mouthwatering flavors to simple grilled and roasted meats. This seasoning is perfect on roast or grilled meat, fish, and meat substitutes, as well as potato dishes. The sharp notes of black and red pepper are complemented by the pungent flavor of garlic, elevating each other for a seasoning which is delicious on steaks, burgers, wild game and anything prepared on a grill. A great present for yourself, or the BBQ masted in your life. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Ingredients: Sea salt (570 mg per tsp), black pepper, garlic, red pepper, paprika, natural flavors, canola oil

Available in 1 and 3 ounces.

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