Cardamom, black pod


A lesser known cousin of green cardamom, black cardamom pods have a smoky quality that makes them more suited to savory recipes. Add them whole to stews and curries, when poaching fish, or when braising or roasting big cuts of meat, and then remove before serving.

0.5 ounce net weight.

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Black cardamom is a relative to the more widely known green cardamom, whose overall flavor is quite similar, however the black variety has a smoky quality that makes it more suitable to savory, rather than sweet, dishes. It is a major component of many garam masala spice blends, and is suited for long-simmered or braised dishes where the spice flavor can develop to their full potential. The pods are most often added to curries and stews whole and removed before serving, as they can be difficult to grind. The pods can also be inserted under the skin or into big cuts of meat, like pork shoulder or racks of lambs, or added when poaching fish in parchment paper. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

0.5 ounce net weight.

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