Cloves, ground


Ground cloves have a sweet and intense flavor, and are an extremely versatile spice that has many applications: from gingerbread and spice cake to Chinese stir-fries and Indian curries.

Available in 0.5 and 1 oz net weight.

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Cloves are handpicked from evergreen trees in hot weather climates all over the world, but are native to Indonesia. These unopened flower buds resemble tiny nails and their English name is from the Latin word clavus, of the same meaning. Cloves have a very intense yet sweet-leaning aroma and flavor, as well as a somewhat numbing effect when ingested whole. Ground cloves are a very versatile spice, used both in baking, as a fundamental ingredient for gingerbread, spice cake, and many festive dessert, as well as for savory dishes, from stir-fries to curries. Since cloves are very potent, they need to be used carefully as to not overtake the whole dish. They pair really well with other potent spices such as cinnamon, star anise, ginger, basil, and peppercorns. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Available in 0.5 and 1 oz net weight.


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