Hibiscus powder


This tart burgundy powder is a very versatile ingredient for cooking, baking, cocktail-making, and tea-brewing alike. Pairs well with red fruits, and can also be used as a natural purple food-dye.

1 oz net weight.

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Hibiscus powder is made from the ground sepals of the hibiscus plant, resulting in a finely ground, tart, deep burgundy powder. Hibiscus powder is a traditional ingredient in many cuisines, from Jamaica to Mexico to the Pacific islands. It is most often boiled with water and sweetened to make a tangy herbal beverage with a taste similar to cranberry juice, most commonly known in Spanish as “agua de Jamaica”, but is brewed all over the world in hot and cold forms, and is a tasty and colorful addition to any herbal teas, as well as cocktails and mocktails, both as a rim decoration and as an ingredient. Hibiscus also pairs really well with red fruits like watermelon, raspberries, and cranberries, and can be used as a natural purple food-dye. Try it in desserts, like jams or buttercream, as well as sauces and soups, for example cranberry sauce or gazpacho. Unlike other florals, like lavender, hibiscus powder is also really easy to use and dose, with no risk of going overboard. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

1 oz net weight.

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