Rose petals


Rose petals can be added to teas and herbal infusions, as well as used as an ingredient in jam, jellies, simple syrups, and alcohol-based infusions. Add them to frosting for color & texture, or add a pinch to boiling water when making rice and couscous for a middle-Eastern flair.

.5 ounce net weight.

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Traditionally prized for both their fragrance and beauty, rose petals have many culinary uses as well. Add them to lemonades, teas, and herbal infusions, but also to sweet jams and jellies. They can be used to make simple syrups and infused into spirits for cocktails and mocktails. Mix them with frosting to add both texture and a pop of color to the outside of cakes. You can even throw a couple of pinches into the boiling water of rice or couscous for some middle Eastern flair. They are also known for their high level of vitamin C, and are therefore featured in several natural remedies.

Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

.5 ounce net weight.

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