Kaffir Lime leaves (Makrut)


Widely used in Thai and other South-Asian cuisines, Kaffir lime leaves have a bright citrusy and floral aroma. They are added whole to soups, curries, stews, and broths, and removed before serving. Usually paired with coconut, galangal, and cilantro.

0.25 net weight

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Kaffir lime leaves, also called Makrut leaves, are a profusely fragrant tropical citrus fruit leaf with a one-of-a-kind striking flavor that is citrusy and floral. They are a fundamental ingredient in Thai cooking, from soups and salads to curries and stir-fried dishes. They are also widely used in Indonesian cuisine. Their exotic aroma permeates and enhances all other seasonings in a way that cannot be achieved through substituting other citrus leaves. Kaffir lime leaves are often used in combination with lemongrass, galangal, ginger, basil, cilantro and chiles.
Use them like you would bay leaves, simmering them in a liquid for soups, broths, and curries, and removing them before serving the dish. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

0.25 oz net weight.

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