Galangal, whole


Primarily used in Southeast Asian cuisine, galangal is a root whose flavor is somewhat similar to ginger, but significantly stronger, with citrusy and earthy notes. It can be sliced for long-simmering dishes such as curries and soups and then removed prior to eating, or you can grate it for a subtler flavor. It pairs really well with coconut milk, lemongrass and curry powders. If you are a fan of Thai and Indian cuisine, galangal is a must-have. It also works well for pickling and broths.

0.5 ounces net weight.


Galangal is a root primarily used in Southeast Asian cuisines, especially in Thailand, India and Indonesia. The root looks quite similar to ginger, with whom it is related, and it floral, spicy flavor is also somewhat reminiscent of ginger, but stronger, with definite notes of citrus and mustard. The history of this spices goes back centuries; its exotic flavor made it highly sought after by early Medieval European courts, and you can even find it mentioned in Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”. Typically, galangal is sliced and added to long-simmering dishes like soup or curry, then removed prior to serving, but it can also be grated or ground in a spice mill for a subtler flavor. Galangal is great to have on hand to be able to recreate Thai and Indian dishes, and it pairs really well with coconut and lemongrass. Add it to curries, broths, and soups, or even pickled vegetables. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

0.5 ounce net weight.

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