Kashmiri chile powder


Made using finely ground red chiles from India, Kashmiri chile powder is used frequently in Indian cuisine to impart vibrant red color and moderate heat to dishes like tandoori chicken and Rogan Josh curry.

1 oz net weight.

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The term “Kashmiri chile” is widely used throughout India to describe a red chile grown for its vibrant color and mild heat level. The most popular chiles used to make Kashmiri chile powder are of the “byadgi” or “byadagi” variety, which are grown in the Karnataka region and have a naturally bright red color and pungent kick of heat. Kashmiri chile powder is prized for its deep reddish-orange hue and the rich color it imparts to dishes, as well as its noticeable but moderate heat (around 25.000 on the Scoville Heat Scale) which is similar to mild cayenne or hot paprika. Kashmiri chile powder is traditionally used for tandoori dishes and Rogan Josh curry. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

1 oz net weight.