Lavender, super blue, choice grade


This extremely versatile herb is used extensively in cooking, baking, cocktail and tea making, and aromatherapy. A classic ingredient in French cuisine, either by itself or paired with other summer herbs, its floral scent works great for more delicate proteins like fish and chicken. In patisserie, it can be used to infuse cream and sugar for cookies, cakes, frosting, and more. Its flowers can also be added to any loose-leaf tea, and lavender simple syrup can be used to prepare original cocktails and mocktails. Highly regarded in aromatherapy for its calming properties, lavender can also be used for DIY potpourris, sachets, and soap.

0.75 ounce net weight.

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Super blue lavender flowers come from France, where they grow in the rocky soil of the Provence region. This botanical has a sweet, fragrant, and floral scent that is popular not only in perfuming, but also as a culinary ingredient, both in sweet and savory recipes and for teas and cocktails. Lavender is a popular ingredient in French cuisine, by itself or together with other Mediterranean herbs, such as in the Herbes de Provence seasoning. Its floral scent pairs well with summer herbs such as thyme and summer savory, and is great for more delicate proteins, such as fish and chicken. You can also mix lavender with lemon, a touch of spicy honey, and goat cheese for a great dip. In patisserie, the flowers can be candied and used as a decoration for pastries and cakes, as well as infused into sugar, cream or simple syrup to add lavender flavor to custards, cookies, cakes, frostings and more. The flowers can also be added as is to any loose-leaf tea, and lavender simple syrup is a very versatile ingredient for cocktails and mocktails. Lavender is also used extensively in aromatherapy for its relaxing and anxiety-relieving properties, so it is very popular for DIY potpourris, sachets, and soap. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

0.75 ounce net weight.

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