Orange peel, ground


This shelf-stable alternative to fresh orange peel is great to have on hand when baking – try it in muffins, cakes and cookies, but also as an ingredient for dry rubs for white meat and fish. Orange you glad you put in your cart?

1 ounce net weight.

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Orange peel, also called orange zest, is used primarily in baking, for muffins, cakes, and sweet breads. This shelf-stable ground peel is ideal to keep in your pantry as a ready to use baking ingredient, and it allows you to skip the prep that the fresh fruit requires. Even when already using food grade orange extract, orange peel is an ideal addition to kick up the citrus and balance the extract with a more fresh, natural, flavor – words from the greatest Australian baker ever, Adriano Zumbo. Other than in baking, this ground peel can also be used as an ingredient for dry rubs, particularly for chicken and fish, and as a salad topping. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

1 ounce net weight.

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Weight .07 lbs

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