Seafood spice blend


This great all-purpose, salty slightly spicy seasoning is ideal for everything fish and seafood related, but also on fries, popcorn, or roasted potatoes. The traditional blend of  paprika, bay leaves, mustard, celery, and lemon, is a great complement for the sweet, delicate flavor of seafood.

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This rich, zesty, and tomato-y blend is a great all-purpose seasoning for everything fish and seafood-related. Sprinkle on before cooking, or add it directly to boiling pot of water for a great flavor. Try on steamed fish fillets, crab boils, sauteed shrimp, broiled salmon, and for an authentic spaghetti allo scoglio sauce. The classic flavors of celery, bay leaves and mustard blend beautifully with the other ingredients to make a flavorful, salty and slightly spicy blend than can also be sprinkled on French fries, popcorn, eggs and even used to season a Bloody Mary. Naturally vegan and gluten free.

Ingredients: salt, bay leaf powder, ground celery seed, paprika, granulated garlic, dry mustard, granulated lemon peel, onion powder, cayenne pepper, citric acid, sugar, FD&C yellow #5

1 ounce net weight.

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Weight .07 lbs

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