Asafoetida is a dried gum used primarily in Indian cuisine. Very sulfurous when raw, mellows out nicely when cooked in oil or ghee, and its flavor resembles a complex leek and garlic combo.

0.5 oz net weight.

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Also called hing and devil’s dung, asafoetida is a pungent dried gum used extensively in Indian cuisine, as well as traditional medieval and Roman recipes. Though very pungent and sulfurous when raw, once sautéed or cooked its aroma will mellow out to be somewhat reminiscent of leeks, garlic, or onions, but more complex. Pairs very well with legumes and sturdy vegetables such as cauliflower, as well as red wine. Naturally vegan and dairy-free, contains gluten.

0.5 oz nety weight.

Ingredients: asafoetida, white flour, arabic gum

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