Dill weed


Dill weed has a light, pleasant, and citrusy flavor that makes it a very popular herbs in many cuisines worldwide. Great for salad vinaigrettes, sour cream or cream cheese based sauces, eggs and seafood dishes, and pickling mixes. Try it with salmon: they go together like PB&J.

0.5 ounce net weight.

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Dried dill weed comes from the died green leaves of the common garden herb. Light and citrusy, this spice is an excellent choice for creamy dressings and seafood. This herb originated in the Mediterranean region, and has a long and ancient history in many countries as both a culinary herbs and a medicine. It is a common seasoning in Greek and many Middle Eastern cuisines, as well as in Eastern Europe and in Scandinavia, where is prominently featured in many traditional dishes. Add to roasted potatoes and other root vegetables, but also to sour cream-based sauces, mayonnaise-based dressings, salads and soups. It is also the perfect pairing to salmon in any form: as a rub on baked fillets or mixed with cream cheese for a smoked salmon bagel. Great in pickling mixes as well. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

0.5 ounce net weight.


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