Cardinal Crimson tea (decaf)


This bright crimson herbal tea blends New Hampshire grown amaranth and dried apples with spiced cloves, for a naturally caffeine-free warm and fruity cup that will give you a little perk me up any time of day.

0.5 oz net weight.

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This deep crimson warm herbal tea is exactly what the doctor’s ordered to brighten up a dreary morning – or cozying up after a long day. Cardinal Crimson blends from New Hampshire-grown amaranth and dried Cortland apples from Riverview Farm, it has a strong fruity profile that is rounded up by the spiced flavor and aroma of whole and ground cloves. Naturally caffeine-free, vegan, and gluten-free.

Steep 1 heaping tsp to Cardinal Crimson in boiling water, and let steep a minimum of 8 minutes.

Ingredients: amaranth, dried Cortland apples, whole and ground cloves

0.5 oz net weight.


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This product contains US-grown ingredients

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