Celery seed, ground


Ground celery seeds have a warm, bitter, and celery-like flavor, even more intense than the whole seeds. Great for Bloody Mary, shellfish soups and stocks, mayonnaise-based dressings, and more.

1 ounce net weight

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Celery seed is a classic spice in Northern European and North American cuisine. These tiny seeds have a strong flavor profile are known for their  warm, vegetal, and sharp taste. Ground celery seeds tend to have an even more intense flavor that whole seeds, so use sparingly, in order not to overpower a dish.  Use in any dishes that would benefit from their warm, bitter, celery-like flavor, such as soup stocks, boiling liquid for shellfish, mayonnaise dressings, meatloaf, stuffing, and, of course, Bloody Mary. Celery seeds are best paired with rich and sweet ingredients such as potatoes, eggs, dairy, or tomatoes.

1 ounce net weight.

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