Chorizo spice


This bold and complex blend contains all the ingredients to make your own Mexican-style chorizo sausage: simply combine with ground meat (1 tbsp of Chorizo spice per lb), refrigerate overnight, then cook and serve. Also great for burgers, tacos, and as a dry rub on proteins and veggies alike.

1 oz net weight

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Mexican-style chorizo sausage is a highly seasoned, brilliantly red pork sausage full of bold chile flavors and typically stuffed in natural pork casings. Our Chorizo spice is a complete, ready-to-use seasoning blend specifically designed to simplify making fresh chorizo sausage; simply combine with fresh ground pork and either cook as loose sausage or stuff into casings and then cook. Not be confused with Spanish-style chorizo, or the closely related Portuguese-style chouriço, Mexican-style chorizo is more aggressively seasoned than its European counterparts, although they share a common culinary tradition, and includes multiple chile powders, such as Ancho, New Mexico red Hatch, and Spanish paprika, together with garlic, other herbs and aromatics, and vinegar powder for acidity.
Other than for making your own sausages with either pork or leaner meats, you can also use our Chorizo spice for tacos and burgers, as a bold dry rub on a variety of meat cuts, from pork chops to chicken breast, and for roasted root veggies like sweet potatoes or squash.

1 oz net weight

Ingredients: Ancho chile powder, New Mexico red Hatch chile powder, ground cumin, ground cinnamon, Mexican oregano, garlic powder, Spanish Paprika, salt (80 mg per tsp), white vinegar powder, sugar