Gumbo file’


Gumbo file’ is a traditional seasoning and thickening agent for gumbo and other classic Creole dishes. It’s made from ground sassafras leaves, with the addition of ground thyme to round up its woodsy and herbal flavor.

0.75 oz net weight.

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File’ powder is made from ground dried sassafras leaves, and is an integral part of Creole and Cajun cuisine cooking. It is mostly used to flavor and thicken gumbos and other dishes traditional dishes like jambalaya. The usage of  ground sassafras as a spice comes from the Choctaw tribe, and was later incorporated into Creole cooking. Our gumbo file’ combines dried ground sassafras leaves with ground thyme for a woodsy and herbaceous seasoning that acts as a flavoring and thickening agent at the same time. We recommend adding gumbo file’ towards the end of cooking time, when the preparation is hot, but not boiling, and then wait 5 minutes before serving, to give the dish time to thicken up. Sassafras leaves are known to interfere with freezing, therefore, if you are planning on freezing your dish, leave gumbo file’ out and add it instead when reheating. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Ingredients: ground sassafras leaves, ground thyme

0.75 oz net weight.

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