Gochujang powder


This blend is a dry version of the famous Korean spicy, sweet and sour condiment. This versatile mix of Korean dried chiles, miso powder and fermented black garlic is great as a dry rub everything grilled or roasted, but also as is for snacking purposes: use it to flavor fries, popcorn, and veggie chips, or mix with hummus. Warning: extremely addictive.

Contains wheat and soy.

1 ounce net weight.

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Gochujang is a spicy sweet and sour sauce which is typical of Korean cuisine, a fundamental ingredient for bibimbap and Korean BBQ. This blend captures the same sweet and hot notes of the paste in a blend which is highly versatile for the home cook. This mix of spicy Korean chile flakes, umami-forward miso powder, and sweet fermented black garlic will tickle your palate and hit all the right notes. Use it as a dry rub for burgers, grilled chicken, tofu, seafood, or roasted hardy veggies (we like it on cabbage, sprouts and carrots especially) or as is for seasoned fries, kale chips, and popcorn. Mix it with hummus for a veggie dip, or panko for breading. You really cannot go wrong with this addictive blend.

Naturally vegan. Contains wheat and soy. Not suitable for a gluten-free diet.

Ingredients: Korean dried chile flakes, dried cane syrup, red miso powder (soybeans, rice, salt), salt, roasted cabbage extract powder, onion powder, red pepper, white vinegar powder, rice concentrate, black garlic powder, soy sauce powder, wheat fiber (as an anti-caking agent), ginger, lime powder.

1 ounce net weight.

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Weight .07 lbs

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