Hibiscus petals


Hibiscus petals are wonderful by themselves or mixed with other florals for naturally decaffeinated herbal teas, or to make simple syrups. Their tart and fruity flavor will be a surefire hit in both hot and cold beverages.

.5 oz net weight.


Hibiscus petals are a wonderful ingredient for herbal teas. In the Caribbean, the petals are commonly boiled in water to make a tart and fruity beverage with a taste similar to cranberry juice, most commonly known in Spanish as “agua de Jamaica”, which can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Hibiscus petals can also be mixed with other spices and botanical herbs such as rose hips and chamomile to make your personalized tea blends, and can also be used to make simple syrups for cocktails and mocktails. Hibiscus pairs especially well with red fruits like watermelon, raspberries, and cranberries. Unlike other florals, like lavender, hibiscus is also really easy to use and dose, with no risk of going overboard; the more you add, the fruitier it gets. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

.5 oz net weight.

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