Lavender (non-food grade)


These lavender flowers are ideal for crafts and aromatherapy purposes alike. The natural calming properties of lavender are well documented, and the fragrant scent of this herbs makes it really popular for DIY potpourris and sachets, but also for candles, soap and body cream. Not for human consumption.

2 ounces net weight.

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Our non-food grade lavender has a lower price point than super blue food grade lavender, while still being extremely aromatic, so it is ideal for aromatherapy and craft purposes. Lavender has natural relaxing and anxiety-relieving properties, and is also a mild insect repellent, so it is quite popular for candle and soap-making, potpourris, sachets, and the like. It can also be infused in coconut oil or other oils as well for DIY hand and body lotions. Not for human consumption.

2 ounces net weight.

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