Soy sauce powder


Soy sauce powder concentrates the savory, salty, umami flavor of the ubiquitous Asian condiment into a versatile powder that can be used for a variety of culinary applications, but is especially useful for dry rubs. Contains wheat and soy.

1 oz net weight.


Made from dehydrated soy sauce, this powder is a great way to impart the umami-laden flavor of the sauce to any recipes where a dry ingredient would work best, such as soup mixes, trail mixes, seasoned fries, popcorn, and of course to make your own Asian-inspired dry rubs for meat and meat substitutes, like our Korean Black Garlic seasoning. It works particularly well for tofu-based dishes as well as in air-fryers, since a dry rub instead of a marinade will help you achieve maximum crispness. Naturally vegan and dairy-free, contains wheat and soy.

1 oz new weight.

Ingredients: dehydrated soy sauce, maltodextrin, salt.

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