Mesquite smoke powder


Mesquite is a very popular smoking wood in Tex-Mex and Southern cuisine, with a gentle yet rich aroma. Mesquite smoke powder is a convenient way to add the flavor of mesquite to slow-cooked barbecue, meat and meat substitutes, sizes, and snacks.

0.5 oz net weight.


Mesquite is a smoking wood, gentler than Hickory but stronger than Applewood, and is a very popular flavor in Southern and Tex-Mex cuisine. Mesquite smoke powder is a convenient way to add the rich, smoky, yet not polarizing taste of  mesquite to slow-cooked barbecue, grilled meats and meat substitutes, dry rubs, and snacks like popcorn, trail mixes, and almonds, as well as DIY cold cuts and jerky. Use in small amounts – a little goes a very long way – to impart a natural smoke flavor to any dishes without lighting up a flame or having to deal with the messiness of liquid smoke. We recommend using between 0.1 and 0.5 oz for 10 lbs of sausages or a pound of dry rub. Naturally gluten-free, salt-free, and vegan.

0.5 oz net weight.

Ingredients: corn maltodextrin, mesquite smoke flavor, silicon dioxide (as an anti-caking agent)

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