Pink peppercorns


Rose-hued pink peppercorns are highly aromatic and boast a peppery flavor with fruity and floral undertones. They also impart a lovely color to food. Substitute them for some or all of the black pepper in recipes to add extra dimension. They pair really well with delicate proteins such as fish and poultry, as well as light sauces.

0.5 oz net weight.

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Pink peppercorns aren’t actually “peppercorns” per se, in the sense that the are not related to the Pepper Nigrum plant family, but instead grow on large, shambling shrubs originally native to Peru. However, they flavor and aroma very closely resemble black peppercorns, but with predominant fruitier and floral undertones, and a brilliant pink color. These highly aromatic peppercorns are generally cracked, crushed, or ground before use in much the same manner as true peppercorns. While they are often sold as part of a peppercorn blend, their unique flavor shines through best when used on their own. They can be used as a garnish or part of a rub, and are also a popular seasoning for vinaigrettes and light cream sauces to accompany poultry, game, or fish. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

0.5 oz net weight.

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